When I was at college I learned how to REALLY create a précis, condensing a lot of words into a lot less words.   Once I even summarized ‘Romeo and Juliet’ into one sentence, written on the back of a business card.   I love doing things like that.  Anyway, from that point onward, and with a really picky nature, I have developed a love of ‘putting things in the right way’ and have always been good at spotting mistakes in writing.

My academic background is in Chemistry and I have a familiarity with many science and technology-based concepts and terms.

But it’s not all technical.  I have created adverts, scientific papers, blogs, websites, journal articles, posters, brochures and I have proof-read and copy-edited many, many written articles for other people from around the globe (and a local butcher in my home town).

I won’t tell you what you should write.  I will take what you give me and turn it into good English, so that YOU can create a good impression.

Sir, Madam, I respectfully request that you let me be your butler of the written word. . .